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About Us

3 Bags Wool is both an independent Yarn Shop and Wool Skool

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3 Bags Wool initially opened in 2007, having outgrown a few locations within Aberlour, we've now settled in a larger storefront in the centre of Dufftown.

At 3 Bags Wool we are as passionate about wool as we are about our customers, and carry a selection of beautiful local and international yarns, as well as those that are locally hand dyed and spun.

The wool skool is situated at the back of the store and offers classes and workshops within a supportive environment to suit all levels of experience. Thus, providing a space to be creative and learn a new craft; bringing joy to the heart, healing to the soul and beauty to the home.


Our shop is unique in that we specialise in thrums, which is a selvedge by-product from the Scottish wool industry, that is otherwise discarded to landfill. Sarah fell in love with thrums after seeing them knitted into a huge blanket during a trade show, and has spent many years finding the best quality suppliers, which has resulted in being able to offer such an outstanding selection to our customers.

The big thistle topped knitting needles we use for our thrums are turned by a local wood maker, and the looms for rug making are made in-house. We believe in supporting the local wool industry and its makers, which is why we offer locally-made products where possible.

It is through the thrums that we are aiming to establish a means for local rural women to earn money, by either processing the thrums or creating products from them to sell in the store.

3 Bags Wool

My story

A wee bit about me, Sarah Fraser formerly Nairn-Anderson. I started 3 Bags of Wool, in 2007. With a degree in Rural development, I could have gone and worked elsewhere, however being a single mum it made sense to stay local and have the time and flexibility to spend with family. I have four sons, and they’ve been at the heart of my life and business. The shop logo was even designed by my son Jake when he was just 6 years old.

My family were all land based workers, farmers, stockmen and gamekeepers and my earliest memories are all farm based. I started school at Glenrinnes Primary when my dad was stockman at Retletich Farm. I loved farm life, and when I wasn’t helping with the sheep, herding the cows and riding the bull with my dad close by I was spending time leading tourists around Corgarff castle with my grandmother, who was its custodian.

My own love of yarn was handed down from my mum and granny, who were avid knitters, and taught me knitting from an early age. As a young child with bad asthma I was often unable to attend school and during this time knitting kept me busy and my creativity quickly grew, I remember being really proud of the first Fair Isle waistcoat I knitted for myself in primary seven.

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Having grown up on farms in and around Speyside, I wanted my sons to have the same rich quality of life that I had growing up. Despite my degree, there wasn’t much work I could do locally, so, I set up 3 Bags Wool, which brought together my own love of all things wool and my desire to share that creativity and joy with others.

As the shop and wool skool continues to evolve, my dream is to provide local rural women with the opportunity to earn in their own time through the processing or creating products with the thrums. I keenly remember my own struggles to find the right employment when the boys were young, knowing we all deserve the opportunity to earn a living, and that it needn’t be at the cost of time with our family.

Always, I aspire to provide the textiles, tools and the skills to inspire beautiful creations for both your heart and home.

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