Welcome to the exciting world of Thrums

Thrums are a by-product from the Scottish Weaving Mills which we are passionate about re-manufacturing and using them to create beautiful hand crafted rugs, cushions, scarfs, bags......... the options are endless!

       You can use Thrums to:-

* Knit and crotchet using our specially designed needles  and hooks.      

* Weave with them on a peg loom.

* Sew them together patchwork style.  Thrum Hanks pick and mix range.

Browse through our Thrum collections

We have placed Thrums in colour collections to help you choose.

We are continually receiving Thrums so please don't hesitate to contact us if you can't see what you are looking for as we may have something in stock which is not yet on our website.

Wildcat                                      Special one of a kind Thrums

Heather Collection                    Pink & Purple shades

Fern Collection                        Green shades

Loch Collection                       Blue shades

Robin Collection                  Red shades

Stag Collection                    Brown shades

Badger Collection                  Black/White & Grey shades