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Perfect to sew together to  make wonderfully soft and cuddly items such as scarves, hot water botles and cushions.

Our Thrum Hanks are perfect for sewing together, they do not frey and a simple 1/4 inch seam, in a straight line, is all you need to do to create a beautiful, unique item.

We think the Cashmere is best suited to create luxury items such as - scarves, hot water bottle covers and cushions. Whilst our woolen mixes are perfect for rugs, throws and cushions.

Quantities required for projects:

Small scarf: 2 x cashmere hanks

Large scarf: 3 x cashmere hanks

Hot Water Bottle Cover: 3 x cashmere hanks

Cushion front: 4 x cashmere or woolen hanks

Rug: 6 x woolen hanks