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Thrum Hanks

Thrum Hanks

Thrum Hanks are perfect for sewing together, they do not fray and a simple 1/4 inch seam, in a straight line, is all you need to do to create beautiful, unique items.


We think the Cashmere is best suited to create luxury items such as: scarves, hot water bottle covers and cushions. Whilst our woollen mixes are perfect for rugs, throws and cushions.


Small scarf: 2 x hanks

Large scarf: 3 x  hanks

Hot Water Bottle Cover: 3 x  hanks

Cushion front: 4 x hanks

Rug: 6 x hanks

Thrum Hank - Stag

Thrum Hank - Heather

Thrum Hank - Loch

Thrum Hank - Multi